ORIGIN 3Shape – Scanning & Design Solutions

Achieve High Quality Through Advanced Digital Technology

3Shape’s Dental System™ is a unique combination of the most advanced 3D scanning technology, 3D CAD package, and management software. The result is accurate, customized dental restorations, in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional, manual manufacturing processes.

3Shape’s Dental System™ includes the high-performance D700 laser 3D scanner, the intuitive DentalDesigner™ CAD modeling program, and the DentalManager™ application for managing and exchanging production files.

Take your productivity to new heights

The 3Shape Dental System™ is developed to emulate and assist the manual design process, making it a more intuitive system for technicians. The introduction of digital technology in place of manual processes drastically increases productivity, enabling laboratories to process more orders in a shorter period.

Experience the freedom of digital design

The System’s versatility enables a completely flexible implementation and integration. It can scan impressions, full casts, dies, implants, or wax-ups automatically and supports multiple design options, such as copings, full anatomical crowns, and bridges. The System can be connected to an external manufacturing center or internal manufacturing equipment.

Globally leading suppliers to the dental laboratory industry and large dental laboratory groups have teamed up with 3Shape and chosen 3Shape’s 3D scanners and CAD software as part of their customized dental CAD/CAM solutions.

Future-proof your lab

With more than 50 developers dedicated to dental solutions, 3Shape has unmatched development and innovation power, making the vision of a completely digital lab a reality.

Inlay, Onlay & Veneers

The 3Shape Dental System™ fully supports the design of inlays, onlays, and veneers, including automatic anatomy morphing. With these new important indications, labs can increase the return on investment of their CAD/CAM system.

DentalDesigner™ makes even the most complex designs straightforward with its automated, intuitive design process. Technicians can design single inlays, onlays, veneers, and inlay bridges quickly and more accurately than possible with manual design methods. During each phase of the design process, DentalDesigner™ calculates and intelligently suggests appropriate designs and selections, be it insertion direction, margin line, removal of undercuts, anatomical shape, or contact antagonist to neighboring teeth.

Once the technician has selected the appropriate tooth anatomy from the extensive built-in library, the program starts the automated integration and approximation. To create an optimal anatomical shape of the inlay, onlay, or veneer, the shape is automatically morphed to match the original anatomy of the treated tooth, the proximal, and antagonist surfaces. Yet, all of this automation doesn’t mean that designs are inflexible. Technicians can also modify suggested anatomy designs using the state-of-the-art sculpt toolkit.

Crown Automation

DentalDesigner™ automatically pre-models the tooth anatomy in place by optimally adapting it to the antagonist and neighboring dentition.

Imported Scans from Intra Oral Scanners

Intra-oral scanners are likely to become a key component in the future of dentistry. It is already possible to import and work directly on scans from open intra-oral scanners such as iTero from Cadent.


3Shape’s new generation of AbutmentDesigner™ offers extensive new functionality for faster and better-customized abutment design, scan of wax-up abutments, and wax-up implant bridges for copy milling and integrated design of abutments, copings/frameworks, and crowns. Finally, the number of supported implant systems are increasing rapidly.

Implants are estimated to be one of the fastest growing areas in dentistry and maintaining high profitability. The newest generation of AbutmentDesigner™ enables labs to make the most of these opportunities. Creating customized abutments, implant bridges, and bars by AbutmentDesigner™ does not just increase productivity by eliminating the time spent on waxing and casting. Still, it also increases accuracy and esthetic results – increasing profitability and dentist satisfaction.

Currently, AbutmentDesigner™ supports many different implant systems covering all major players. The actual implant system libraries used in AbutmentDesigner™ are offered by different suppliers, including both original implant manufactures and third party manufactures. Please contact your supplier to obtain the latest list of suppliers and supported systems.

The actual materials offered depend on the selected supplier, but AbutmentDesigner™ can design single material abutments, bridges, and bars or apply pre-manufactured CAD/CAM abutments to be cemented together with a modeled customized piece.