Root Canals

Few words cause as much fear and trepidation in a person’s heart as that of a Root Canal. But what exactly is a root canal treatment, and why does it have such a feared reputation?

Root canal treatment is nothing more than a dental (endodontic) treatment that removes the pulp from inside a tooth and fills in the empty canals. The pulp includes connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. When the tooth is new, the pulp nourishes the tooth. However, once the tooth matures, it is nourished by a blood supply in the gums letting the pulp be removed.

When is a Root Canal treatment needed?

There are two main reasons your dentist would recommend root canal treatment. The first is infection. An untreated cavity (bacteria) may cause the tooth’s pulp to become infected. The second reason for selecting a root canal would be trauma or damage to the pulp (often caused by a fractured tooth).

When the pulp is inflamed but not infected, it may heal independently. In such cases, your dentist may prescribe antibiotics and wait to see what happens. If the pulp becomes infected, an abscess may form. Root canal treatment would instead save the tooth by removing the infected or damaged pulp, treating any infection, and filling the empty root canals.

Aren’t root canals painful?

They don’t have to be. At Gateway Dental Arts in Salt Lake City, Utah, we offer sedation dentistry in addition to thoroughly numbing the treatment areas. Our techniques let patients dream through the entire experience with little or no memory of the visit. So while root canal treatment has a bad name elsewhere, there’s nothing to fear when making your appointment at Gateway Dental Arts.


Generally, a tooth that needs a root canal may also have a large filling or portions of the tooth that are missing due to decay or breakage. In such instances, a dental crown can restore the tooth.  

Crowns are permanent dental restorations that fit over the portion of the remaining tooth that extends above the gums. Crowns are also sometimes referred to as caps. In addition to restoring structure, crowns provide a seal that protects the tooth’s interior. While once made of gold, dental crowns today feature a white porcelain surface that matches and blends with your neighboring teeth.


Dr. Rick Austin, at Gateway Dental Arts, has placed thousands of crowns—and unlike other dentists who rely on outside dental labs to create their crowns, Gateway Dental Arts creates each crown in their in-house dental lab. Creating crowns in-house assures that your dental treatment will be quick and convenient and that your crown will fit and match perfectly.

Nobody likes to get dental work done. However, when you require a crown, visit a dentist who understands the importance of a confident and beautiful smile. Trust the experience of Dr. Rick Austin at Gateway Dental Arts.

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