Instant Orthodontics by Cosmetic Dentist, Rick Austin in Salt Lake City

Imagine beautiful, white, straight teeth in as few as two visits—without braces. It’s a treatment called Instant Orthodontics and it’s available today at Gateway Dental Arts in Salt Lake City.

It’s true. If the thought of wearing braces (not to mention endless years of retainers), is not for you, consider Instant Orthodontics today.

Instant Orthodontics eliminates the need for braces by solving orthodontic problems with Porcelain Veneers, which make the teeth straight and beautiful. Say goodbye to gaps, crooked, misaligned, oddly shaped, or overcrowded teeth, and hello to a stunning smile.

Dr. Austin of Gateway Dental Arts in Salt Lake City Utah has the experience and training to make sure with Instant Orthodontics, you’ll also get an ideal bite, eliminating problems such as overbite and crossbite.

If you’d like more information about Instant Orthodontics, call Gateway Dental Arts today to set up a free consultation.

Get the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed about—today.