Implant Dentistry Made Simple

Your patients expect your practice to provide comprehensive care – including implants. Thanks to Arrowhead, that doesn’t have to be a complicated or intimidating prospect. With EZGuide, we’ll work with you to build a simple, accurate, and customized guided surgical stent for each patient that facilitates predictable placement every time.

Arrowhead also sponsors Over the Shoulder: ImplantEZ, a live training course designed to help you quickly master essential implant placement, delivery systems, and care. This unique combination of a physical implant aid and detailed live training gives you an easy, reliable way to expand your services, improve patient satisfaction, and increase your production.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

EZGuide works with over 40 implant systems and is backed up by the expertise of Arrowhead Dental Laboratory and Straumann. Whether you are new to implants or have been doing them for a while, EZGuide enhances the predictability of implant placement.



Arrowhead will create a set of master patient models. Once you have had a chance to confirm the models – Arrowhead will fabricate a scan template. You then have your patient wear the template as you take a CT scan. Load the resulting DICOM data into the coDianostiX software which then generates the position and depth coordinates that the lab will use to produce the surgical guide.


Open the coDiagnostiX software to start planning your case. The Straumann coDiagnostiX software is a comprehensive treatment planning tool designed for 3D implant planning and diagnostics. Planning tools such as automatic nerve detection and segmentation enhance patient care and safety. Bone density measurements and distance indicators facilitate diagnosis and case planning for dental implant cases. This intuitive, easy to use software makes treatment planning easier than ever.


Once your cases planning is completed the EZGuide can now be fabricated and used for the predictable placement of the implants. The positional information created in previous steps is built into the EZGuide – this comprehensive instrumentation provides depth stops and angulation for precise implant placement. The EZGuide represents the next step in implant placement for the General Practitioner. Arrowhead is proud be working with Straumann to be at the forefront of helping dentists increase the treatment options they can offer their patients.