12 Questions Your Cosmetic Dentist Must Answer With YES!


Is all the dentistry manufactured under one roof? That is, they don't send the impressions for your dental work to some lab in California, Canada or even to China. The work should be manufactured right at the same facility!


Does the technician working on your case work exclusively with the best cosmetic porcelain and is not experimenting with your case using inferior porcelain to save on manufacturing costs? Often technicians will take the approach. "If I get paid, I'll try anything, even if I don't have much experience; and, the cheaper materials will save me money".


Will you have input on how you want your smile to look and are not forced to accept something that was made outside the office, something that you don't like particularly but feel guilty to not accept it?


Will you get to SEE your teeth and smile BEFORE they are inserted permanently, and approve them, both shade and shape, thus having a guaranteed acceptance policy?


Will you get to revise and tweak anything that you don't like, in just a few minutes time, instead of waiting weeks sending your case in and out of the office on a "we'll try and match the shade on a trial and error basis"?


Will the dentist you choose have had post-Doctoral training in cosmetics with certifications from institutions that require hands-on training to prove skills and expertise? Not just viewing a webinar or attending sit-and-listen continuing education not requiring hands-on skills.


Does the dentist you are interviewing have diploma certification, not just declared "Cosmetic Dentist" status without verifiable training and education, to attract the uninformed?


Has the dentist you are interviewing performed the procedures you need done for many years, giving you assurance that he/she has seen and has expertise in everything?


Has the dentist placing your implants had sufficient training in grafting and is specifically trained in cosmetic dental and surgical implant dentistry, so that your outcome doesn't show any metal around the edges when you smile?


Can the dentist placing your implants also do the porcelain work to match the surrounding teeth so that the teeth look so natural and are not a different color, hue and chroma, so that no one will know that you have had any dental work in your mouth?


Can the dentist doing your implants not only be able to restore the implants placed cosmetically, but also understand the positioning of the implants so that the gum-line will look natural and even and match your natural teeth?


Does the dentist doing your cosmetic dental work have established a "under one roof" team that coordinate all their efforts in giving you the optimal result so that you don't have to visit many different dental offices, patching together your case without coordination and optimal results, resulting in something you will have to live with the rest of your life?