Meet Utah’s only Father and Son team, performing All-on-four, permanent teeth in a day, procedures together. Dr. F. Richard Austin has 35 years of experience as a
four year graduate of a world renowned Aesthetic Institute, fully trained as a premier Cosmetic Dentist. He has placed over 50,000 inserts and performed hundreds
of Smile makeovers in his career. Combine this cosmetic expertise with Dr. Ryan K. Austin, a Board Certified Oral Surgeon, who has not only performed
but has instructed on these procedures, and you have the winning combination and team to get your NEW SMILE as painless as possible and with the
cosmetics that will look so natural, no one will know. Don’t trust a general dentist to do this complex procedure. Consult with us first.

  • Welcome to Gateway Dental Arts in Salt Lake City, Utah. Home of Dr. Richard Austin.
  • We will restore your smile to it’s full potential with our Custom Teeth in a Day Procedure. In just ONE treatment, we will replace all of your missing teeth and give you your smile back!

Why Choose Dr Austin?

He is the only Cosmetic Institute trained Dentist in Utah that performs this procedure with a Board Certified Oral Surgeon. DO NOT let a weekend trained General Dentist do this procedure on you. This is complex surgical procedure and should only be carried out with the most qualified, experienced Cosmetic Dentist and a board certified Oral Surgeon with a four year surgical white-coat hospital residency. Dr. Ryan K. Austin, among other things, has the experience of being a hands-om clinical teaching Professor at University of Tennessee Dental School Oral Surgery Department and is fully trained in surgical anesthesia, including I.V. sedation, for complete comfort. Patients wake up with their new smile, and minimal discomfort.

We use only Computer-Guided, Same-Day Tooth Replacement Techniques.

Bring your Dentures in! We will throw them away for you!

Dentures are Frustrating at best with all the Complications they come with. Imagine having permanent teeth that feel better than your own! Eat anything you want, Steak, Corn, Apples. Go ahead, take a bite!

What makes the best candidate for Dental Implants?

The best candidates are people who are about to lose their teeth or individuals that wear dentures.

What do I do to get started?

Call us right now @ 801-321-7600 for your complimentary Consultation and 3D Cone scan. Meet Dr. Austin and get all of your questions answered. a ($750.00 value) free.

What is the all on 4 Procedure about?

Discover the many Benefits of Permanent Teeth

  • We give you new Teeth in a Day.
  • Your new teeth will be perfectly natural looking and feeling.They are affordable and image the pride you will feel in smiling again.
  • A very quick recovery time.
  • Your smile and mouth will function naturally instantly.
  • Throw away your dentures forever.
  • This will stabilize your facial bones and stop deterioration.
  • The entire procedure is performed in just one day
  • Even if you have bone loss we can help you.
  • Your new teeth are permanent and you will never experience the frustrations of dentures again.
  • This new revolutionary procedure will stop future bone loss.
  • this procedure is the most cost effective way to restore your smile compared to traditional single tooth replacements.
  • Get ready to enjoy any type of food again.
  • Get your confidence back in one day with a beautiful new smile.
  • Regain the confidence you have been lacking.
  • This is a long term alternative to dentures and these teeth should last the rest of your life
  • Treat them like your real teeth, It’s that easy.

Have you lost teeth due to periodontal disease? All on 4 is your answer.

This is a great alternative to dentures. instead of doing multiple implants on every tooth, this procedure only uses 4 implants inserted for substantially improved strength in your teeth. Because we use only a few implants, All on 4 is so much more affordable and will end up saving you thousands. You will also be treated in just 1 day! Walk out with your new smile and confidence

If you are coming from out of town, call our office and we will make arrangements for your hotel stay and transportation to and from our office and airport. You can’t afford not to start feeling your very best. We look forward to helping you change your life.

If this treatment sounds like it’s for you, or you have any questions, then call Dr. Austin right now and schedule your free consultation and start smiling!

PMMA Bridge With Titanium Sleeves
Cost per Arch: $14,500
$272 per month
All-On-4 Bridge Milled Titanium Bar
Cost per Arch: $17,500
$326 per month
All-On-4 Zirconia Bridge
Cost per Arch:
$534 per month

Advanced Training in The ALL-ON-4
Dental Implant Procedure


All-on-4 is a revolutionary treatment that can help you regain a smile that is healthy, beautiful, and functional. With this treatment, you are able to live your normal life again – brushing your teeth as usual, eating as usual, speaking as usual, and smiling as usual. Studies have shown that patients with the All-on-4 treatment regain 90-95% of their chewing ability, as opposed to just 60-75% regained by patients with simple fixed dentures. All-on-4 is designed to feel like natural teeth and improve your quality of life.


Unlike dentures, which are removable, the All-on-4 treatment features a full dental bridge that is fixed in place by as few as four specialty dental implants that are implanted at precise angles. This replaces all of your teeth without excess material. All-on-4 teeth replacements are non-removable, so you don’t have to worry about removing your appliance for cleaning, and it gives you exceptionally stable results. The treatment also provides greater stability in your jawbone, which reduces or even eliminates the need for bone grafting. If you have experienced bone loss because of periodontal disease and tooth loss, don’t worry – you can still be a candidate for All-on-4.

Getting permanent ” teeth in one day” is a remarkable procedure that has revolutionized the dental industry. For people facing the grim and embarrassing reality of having all or some of their permanent teeth removed and placing in dentures, it is a God send. If you have suffered from long-term expensive dental problems over the years, there is now a “one day” solution that will give you back your permanent teeth and a normal life-brushing and eating, speaking and smiling. You will regain 95% of your chewing ability instead of 60% with simple fixed dentures and even less with complete dentures. With time, this procedure could eliminate dentures altogether. These fixed bridges will improve your quality of life because they look and feel like natural teeth. Patients report that they feel like they are a “part” of them. These fixed dental bridges are attached to as few as four dental implants. They are non-removable and extremely stable, like getting your teeth back. If done correctly, they appear and perform like natural teeth. You will receive compliments on your new smile without the embarrassment and worry of your teeth moving or looking “fake”. The implants actually preserve the bone. If you have already lost significant bone due to gum or periodontal disease – you are likely to still be a candidate for this “fixed-bridge teeth in one day” procedure. Hundreds of thousands of people have now enhanced and improved their lives through this well proven technique. We provide the expertise necessay through thoroughly trained and experienced cosmetic dentist, making your teeth look realistic, as well as a the surgical part of this procedure of removal of any teeth and the placement of the dental implants by a Board Certified Oral Surgeon. Oral surgeons are trained specifically for this kind of procedure through 4 years of hospital training residency, not just weekend courses. This provides the assurance you need to have this “one time” procedure done by someone who well trained.


All on 4 Dental Implants
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